Tribute to the Few

Tribute to the Few

During a war torn summer of 1940, a few brave men of the RAF Fighter Command, and a sprinkling of other airmen who were devoted to preserving freedom fought off what at first, seemed insurmountable opposition.

The Luftwaffe leaders promised Hitler it would take just a few weeks to ‘finish off’ the Royal Air Force, and give the Luftwaffe command of the skies, this paving the way for a full scale invasion. It was the determination of ‘the few’ which stood between Britain and Nazi Germany.

In the course of that summer the enemy launched attack after attack, in an effort to wear down Fighter Command until the fight in them was spent. Luckily we had a network of radar stations which gave us warning of the approaching forces, time to launch the brave young men in Hurricanes and Spitfires to defend our shores. There were days it appeared a miracle was required, but gradually the tide was turned.

Hitler changed his plans and looked East, this giving Britain a chance to regroup, a respite from imminent invasion. The Battle of Britain was won - it would take many years to win the war.

The painting depicts Spitfires of 92 Squadron crossing the English Channel for the third time of the day, tired pilots and tired aeroplanes - defeat not in their minds.

The clouds cast their shadows on the sea, the white cliffs of Southern England soon became a distant memory - would the young pilots ever see them again. The painting is my tribute to all the people who preserved our freedom, we owe them an immense debt of gratitude.

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